This project is based on a Community café model that  works with the community looking at engaging disadvantaged families and community members, tackling food poverty, social isolation, and low-level aspirations and confidence in residents. The space  encourages members of the community to come along and volunteer either by being involved in the cooking, food prep or organisation of the sessions. We offer sessions where people come help with the cooking and stay and eat in a friendly and supportive environment. Once links are established with the local supermarkets and food providers then we will look at having a Community market where local people can come and take food away for their families without having the stigma of a food bank. We will work in conjunction with local supermarkets and utilise food wastage.

The café is a tool for getting the community members together addressing issues and barriers faced by these people and looking at signposting and supporting on to other agencies, we  work closely with the Learning centre that will be running courses and business support. From this café we are hoping to train locally economically inactive people to become volunteers offering food hygiene and any other relevant training with the intention that experience and confidence will be gained and make individuals more employable. For further details about how to get involved please contact Eleanor Bradbury 01226 723659