The Frickley Athletic Community Foundation Project ‘FIT4WORK’ aims to increase the number of people in the local area of South Elmsall (and surrounding areas) into gainful employment.


For the unemployed the barriers to re-entering the workforce are multifactorial. One often overlooked area is that of the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals prior to being asked to go for interviews, start new work, meet new people or indeed come up with new enterprise themselves.


Our project harnesses the unique skillset we have in our area; that of being able to engage people, through sport, and in this case, provide a pre-entry environment as a first (but necessary and effective) step to getting back on the road to employment. Details of these activities are outlined further down.


Building on the unique and well-developed links the Foundation already has in the community we aim to build a pre-entry platform, so that when participants become fit to engage with the workplace, we can sign-post them to the most appropriate organisation. Please contact

Telephone: 07834239461