A wellbeing programme delivered by Second Chance Headway Centre. The programme will cover all of the CLLD areas, offering emotional, wellbeing and vocational support to participants marginalised from mainstream provision due to brain trauma. Contact:

The Second Chance Headway Centre provides Therapy led rehabilitation for adults with acquired brain injuries. The service is delivered by our Specialist Neuro Nurses and brain injury specialist Occupational Therapists.

The number of brain injured disabled adults is rapidly rising as acute treatments improve, but these survivors are largely invisible in the community. They have slipped away from the workplace and the job market.

Over three years, this project would target these people for pre vocational and vocational support involving specific vocational brain injury rehabilitation through education, training and therapy. This programme will specifically target the disability and diversity elements within the PEAT project and links with vocational organisations and training and development centres to achieve PEAT objectives.

The wider community is impacted on significantly by the loss of vocational opportunity for those with long term enduring disability and directly impacts on loss of vocational roles for families due to leaving or having to adapt their work roles to meet the needs of the person affected by brain injury. For more details contact Meral@schc.co.uk 01924 366735