The Over the Bridge Project  targets unemployed adults who are facing, or have faced homelessness. The project endeavours to remove the barriers and stigmas associated with vulnerable adults, from the CLLD areas of Wakefield, in particular Castleford and Airedale. Bridge-It Housing has delivered similar projects in other localities and we are using this opportunity to reach a wider audience. One of the unique features of the project lies not only in the specialised and intensive support being offered, but also in the outreach aspect of its delivery. The project is largely delivered using hot desking and office facilities provided by Career Cabin, which is located a stone’s throw from the local Job Centre. Many of the project’s prospective beneficiaries will emanate from the Job Centre, thereby providing us with a very captive audience.


The specific activities that make up this project include;

  • Budgeting Sessions to identify outstanding debts, in order to set up realistic and manageable payment plans – many individuals have existing arrears as a barrier to accessing suitable accommodation and other opportunities. The introduction of Universal Credit means that vulnerable adults are having to manage a larger sum of money, which often includes housing costs (rent), the budgeting sessions will support with prioritising spending.
  • Signposting and Information sharing – information failure results in individuals not being able to access all funds to which they may be entitled to. This project will introduce Universal Credit workshops which will coach individuals on how to manage their accounts.
  • Interview skills Workshops and CV writing – barriers exist in accessing training and employment. This project will support individuals to create up to date CVs in order to successfully search and apply for opportunities. Following on from this, it will deliver workshops for interview skills including personal hygiene and physical presentation.
  • Partner Agencies – previous experience has allowed us to gain many positive relationships with professionals and service providers within the community. Drawing upon these will undoubtedly be of benefit for the users of the Over the Bridge Project. The intention would be to work in conjunction with other agencies such as probation, GPs, and addiction recovery workers.
  • Support Plans – each service user will have a bespoke support plan created which aims to identify support needs and any barriers that the individual is currently facing. The Support plan will identify issues relating to physical and emotional health, personal relationships, and addressing barriers that are related to criminal convictions or substance misuse. Please contact Carrie-Ann Hope for details 07741 845938