The South East Business Lift-Off (SEBLO) project offers a suite of pathways to increase

entrepreneurship amongst local citizens to create new enterprises, raise the game of small existing

businesses and actively encourage local businesses to recruit people from the South East CLLD


The SEBLO project targets SME’s and potential entrepreneurs in the locality to deliver practical

support and will be targeted specifically at the key groups highlighted in the PEAT Local

Development Plan (LDP). The project will comprise of 6 phases of specific activities as set out


Phase 1 : Project Set Up

Phase 2 : Marketing to Businesses and Potential Entrepreneurs

Phase 3 : Engagement with Business and Potential Entrepreneurs in the SE area

Phase 4 : Diagnostic and Action Planning

Phase 5 : SME Support

Phase 6 : Mentoring and Business Development

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Contact Nicola on 01977 651624 or Karen