Our overall project aim is to support young people with autism, disabilites and/ or mental health conditions to successfully transition into adulthood, to be empowered to know their worth and to develop a personalised action plan where individuals can be supported to move closer towards their goal whether this be employment/ education / training or other meaningful activities.Our model of delivery will include a series of 1-1 sessions as well as group programmes to ensure individuals are able to receive the specific support per individual but also encourage social communication skills through group work.


Our sessions will be aimed at overcoming barriers, self-confidence, self-awareness, progression and pathways for development. We will deliver sessions on assertiveness, access to communities, team building, friendship development as well as working with others. The aim of the programme will be that individuals have overcome their own barriers and are able to then transfer their own experiences and knowledge to support others out in the community whilst supporting them to develop employability skills and confidence going forward.


We will help individuals understand their own behaviours, the triggers for their behaviours, understanding warning signs of anxiety, stress, depression so that they can self-manage their difficulties, we will also support individuals to know how to crisis plan.


We will establish a peer support network that will meet weekly in different areas across the region where individuals can regularly attend or drop in, again this will be kept informal. We will listen to what those attending want from this programme and further into the programme once individuals have developed confidence may develop sub groups or peer networks from individual training courses that are run and delivered solely by course attendees but where they can come back to us to ask for guidance on running these sessions where required,. For this we will employ an individual with autism as a peer support to so that this project is delivered and led by adults with autism and fully understanding of their needs. Please contact Hannah for further information 07921 484342 or Hannah.Gill@autismplus.co.uk