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Since going live with funding calls, the PEAT Project has funded a number of projects across the CLLD area.

As we continue to release funding calls, the impact and reach of the PEAT Project will continue to fuel community growth, support enterprises and help those furthers from the labour market access opportunities.

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Building Powerful Communities (NOVA)

20th Jan 2020

Building Powerful Communities is part of the European funded People Enabling Area Transformation...

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What We Do

Our Local Development Strategy

The People Enabling Area Transformation (PEAT) Project is a Community Led Local Development (CLLD) Programme.  CLLD programmes are driven by local needs, helping support people to tackle their barriers to work, mobilising resources at a local level in a bid to overcome barriers to growth and employment.

The main result is getting more participants into sustainable employment or self-employment, education, training or actively engaged in job search.

Funding is available to support projects that will meet the needs of the CLLD communities, in line with the PEAT Projects Objectives.  Head to Apply For Funding for more information. 

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PEAT update

23rd Oct 2020

The PEAT CLLD Programme launched a new Objective 3 (ESF) October 2020 ...

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New Call: Objective 3 (ESF) October 2020

08th Oct 2020

Funding Call Summary The PEAT CLLD Programme is inviting applications ...

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Successful PEAT Networking Picnic

04th Aug 2020

CLLD PEAT Project Networking and ECLLD PEAT Project Networking and ...

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