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Funding Support Worker Vacancy

04th Sep 2020

The PEAT team are recruiting for a new Funding Support Worker. The role ...

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Successful PEAT Networking Picnic

04th Aug 2020

CLLD PEAT Project Networking and ECLLD PEAT Project Networking and ...

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How are projects are delivering activities during the Coronavirus lock down

03rd Apr 2020

Currently our projects are facing very challenging times trying to deliver ...

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Networking Events for Active Delivery projects.

20th Jan 2020

Summary of Networking and Evaluation Event for CLLD Peat project 27th ...

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ESF Community Grants Scheme Launches

10th Apr 2019

A new Community Grants Scheme has been launched in West Yorkshire. ESF ...

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'Feeling the Impact'

14th Jan 2020

As we enter the New Year 2020 the PEAT team have now nearly fully ...

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Resolutions and Resilience

23rd Jan 2020

Resolutions and resilience will be important features of the coming year ...

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New call Out Objective 5 (ERDF) March 2020

09th Mar 2020

Funding Call Summary The PEAT CLLD Programme is encouraging ...

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