As we enter the New Year 2020 the PEAT team have now nearly fully allocated the 2.6 million pounds into the two areas of benefit enabling local organisations to deliver projects that make a real difference in their communities. The final applications will go before the LAG board in February and due to overwhelming response to these calls this will be a competitive process challenging LAG members with making some difficult decisions. The projects will then have a full two years to deliver their visions and very varied projects leaving a positive impact for local people supported into gaining new skills, growing confidence and becoming more socially active citizens.


We have invested much time in encouraging our active and new projects to adopt a more collaborative approach to solving local issues and developing cohesive strategies. This is a very cost effective way to maximise the reach of the CLLD initiatives and identify the best solutions and progression routes for those most in need of intervention and holistic support. A fine recent example of groups working together has been demonstrated by one of our already active projects (Route 66 in Castleford) teaming up with Castleford Tigers Foundation and Bridge-It Housing who are both new projects at the point of starting project delivery. The Tigers stadium hosted a Christmas Festive Feast for the many vulnerable local people already engaged with Route 66 and the Community Street Kitchen signposted some of their beneficiaries who were not accessing the CLLD projects to be included. This resulted in an ex forces homeless man attending and immediately he was introduced to Bridge-It Housing who two days later had moved him into supported and safe accommodation. A fantastic bit of joined up working and one less person sleeping in a tent in the recent rain, gales and waterlogged wastelands.



The heavy rain and gales and made sleeping rough even tougher



Castleford Tigers host the Community Festive Feast and players help entertain the guests.


We have already planned quarterly networking workshops for all groups delivering the PEAT projects which can only further enhance sharing the responsibilities of improving the lives of vulnerable people in some of our most deprived communities. The success of our first networking event demonstrated the value of bringing community groups together to share the vision and value in delivering these CLLD activities.


The objective 1 ERDF call out (Business Support and Workforce Development leading to more economic activity) has now been fully allocated to two projects with RCP 21 delivering in the South East area of benefit and CERT Training delivering in Castleford and Airedale. These projects will increase the impact of the CLLD outputs and outcomes as they will reach out to support and develop community organisations and enterprises who are not currently delivering on the CLLD project but who will be able to enhance economic growth and skills in these communities. RCP21 launched their project in November with a well attended event at Production Park on the Langthwaite Business Park in November and have recently held some successful local sessions to encourage engagement. CERT Training spent a day in early January being introduced to potential participants shadowing Clare Hunt the Funding Support Worker for the PEAT project in Castleford and Airedale for a day. This was a successful venture resulting in four confirmed engagements and many more interested groups wanting to access this support with new meetings currently being set up. The interest in both of these new projects has sparked new life into the future development of entrepreneurial opportunities and local workforce development so will hopefully result in a strong CLLD legacy profile. All this will be evaluated and documented to feed into future community initiatives.