Summary of Networking and Evaluation Event for CLLD Peat project 27th November 2019


The first evaluation event for active delivery projects was held last week and was well attended. Each project was represented which was a requirement from the PEAT team.  We also opened the event up to LAG members as an optional invitation in order to give them an opportunity to meet the active project and hear how different organisations were coping with the challenges of EU funding and how their activities were impacting on the communities of benefit. We used the workshop as an opportunity for all projects to network, share experiences and offer each other peer support and we also facilitated workshops in order to encourage team work and feedback which has been captured as part of our overall CLLD project evaluation.

Feedback was positive and all the projects and four LAG members in attendance found it a useful and interesting experience and were able to help each other overcome some of their issues. Joanna Kitchin (PEAT Finance) and Emily Pearson who is part of the audit sub-committee group gave an overview of monitoring and claims procedures followed by Questions and Answers. We have now scheduled these meetings to become quarterly events and in the future will include all the new projects that are currently in the pipeline process across all objectives. The next event will be on Wednesday 25th March in Airedale with invitations and agenda to follow shortly.