The PEAT team are really pleased that the money is now nearly fully allocated across the CLLD areas and have closed all call outs. Potentially there will be an opportunity to re open the Objective 5 ERDF call (Business and Enterprise Support)

Calls for Objective 5 ERDF may be open again shortly. Please contact the team for an update.

Under Objective 5 (Innovative Solutions Fund—ESF / ERDF), projects are invited from organisations that will take advantage of different ideas and concepts that react to changing needs across the CLLD communities. Prospective applicants can choose to apply to deliver an intervention that addresses either the ERDF or ESF outputs and results, accessing a share of the £130,250 ERDF monies and / or £200,000 ESF monies. Once again, this is a match funded pot, and prospective applicants are advised that for ESF projects, 50% of eligible project costs must be met by the applicant, and for ERDF projects, 40% of eligible project costs must be met by the applicant. This will be applicable if and when this objective re opens.


For more information, head to apply for funding, or contact the PEAT Project Team.