RCP21’s PEAT Project is called SEBLO (South East Business Lift Off) and will support individuals and businesses in the South East. Individuals will qualify for support if they live in the areas identified on the map. Businesses will qualify for support if they are trading in the area or are establishing a business in the area identified on the map.

There are 5 Schemes to our SEBLO Project these are:-

1. Supporting existing enterprises, which will be *SME’s
2. Supporting new enterprises, which can be start-up businesses or SME’s
3. Assisting potential entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas to a point where it is ready to launch
4. Increasing employment in supported enterprises
5. Providing access to business Mentors

To find out more about how each of the Schemes will work and what the benefits are for you, please read the enclosed information sheet for that Scheme.

*The definition of a SME for the purposes of this project is “a business with fewer than 250 employees, with a turnover of less than €50 million euros.